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At Synthetic Turf of Illinois, we specialize in crafting premium artificial turf solutions for diverse applications. From indoor putting greens to outdoor landscapes, our expertise ensures top-tier installations that blend aesthetics with functionality, transforming spaces into green paradises.

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At Synthetic Turf of Illinois, we specialize in a diverse range of turf solutions tailored to meet individual needs. From meticulously crafted putting greens and safe playground surfaces to pet-friendly areas and stunning artificial lawns, our offerings transform spaces into functional and aesthetic masterpieces. Experience the fusion of quality and versatility with us.


Putting Greens

Synthetic Turf of Illinois crafts premium putting greens, offering golf enthusiasts a realistic experience. Our designs ensure consistent ball roll, elevating your golf practice sessions right at home.


Artificial lawns

Bid farewell to mowing and watering with our artificial lawns. Synthetic Turf of Illinois delivers a green, pristine lawn year-round, combining aesthetics with low maintenance.


Pet Areas

For pet lovers, our turf solutions create a clean, mud-free environment. Synthetic Turf of Illinois ensures pet-friendly areas that resist wear and tear, even with the most active pets.



Our playground solutions prioritize safety and durability. Synthetic Turf of Illinois provides cushioned, non-abrasive surfaces, ensuring kids enjoy playtime without the risks of scrapes or injuries.



Transform your rooftop into a lush oasis with our specialized turf solutions. Synthetic Turf of Illinois ensures optimal drainage and durability, making urban spaces green and inviting.



Athletes deserve the best playing surfaces. Our sports turf solutions offer consistent performance, durability, and safety. Synthetic Turf of Illinois caters to various sports, ensuring optimal play conditions.

See why we're the leader in golf greens

Witness the precision and dedication that goes into every golf green we construct. Our video showcases the meticulous process of crafting both indoor and outdoor greens, highlighting why Synthetic Turf of Illinois stands unparalleled in delivering golfing perfection.

the best playing and putting surfaces in the industry

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I couldn't be happier with how everything went! Doug was very professional and everything was on time. The pricing was very competitive, I got three quotes. I will recommend Synthetic Turf of Illinois to anyone looking to improve their outdoor space.

Thanks for everything!

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"Synthetic Turf of Illinois has created a real-feeling synthetic green at McQ's Golf Dome that frankly blows me away every time I practice on it. To see a ball check up on a chip the same way as it does on a green in July...simply amazing!!!"

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"Synthetic Turf of Illinois’ Turf is the best turf I have ever tested….and I tested them all! When I built my Putting Lab here at Cog Hill. I have included every technological device known to man to aid my students in their putting and I needed a turf that provided the truest roll possible; day in and day out. Synthetic Turf of Illinois’ Turf does just that."

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With over 24 years of experience, Synthetic Turf of Illinois has been a trusted name in the artificial turf industry, delivering top-notch installations and services.