Artificial Turf Installations

Artificial Turf Saves You Time and Hassle of Lawn Maintenance at Your Chicagoland Home/Business

Natural grass demands constant watering, trimming, weed control, and all the typical hassles of lawn upkeep. Enter artificial turf, a solution that Chicago residents can embrace. Our synthetic grass, crafted with our unique 3D technology, is not only exceptionally soft but also incredibly resilient. To truly appreciate it, you need to see and feel it for yourself!

  • Variety in Choice: Stand out by selecting from a range of color blends, pile heights, and traffic options.
  • Perfect for Challenging Areas: Artificial grass is the ideal landscaping solution for those hard-to-maintain spaces, whether due to shade, heavy foot traffic, or pets.
  • Pet-Friendly: Rest easy knowing your lawn is safe for pets, as it's non-toxic and lead-free.
  • Bug-Free Zone: Say goodbye to lawn bugs.
  • Mud-Free Mornings: No more stressing over muddy paws and shoes after rain or snow.
  • Eliminate Chemicals: Ditch costly and hazardous lawn treatment chemicals, fertilizers, and insecticides.
  • Outdoor Fun: Reconnect with the joy of watching your children play outdoors and feel the grass-like product beneath their feet!

How to Get Artificial Turf Installed in Chicago and Other Illinois Cities

Synthetic Turf of Illinois is the first professional company in the industry to install artificial grass for Chicagoland homeowners and commercial properties. We only use American-made products and give you exclusive access to the strongest warranty in the business, selling our turf to homeowners and contractors throughout the Chicago area.  Our company has certified installers and provides turn-key installation services.

Artificial lawn materials are labor intensive to install because it needs to be secured over a firm base of compacted stone. Save yourself time and money by having our expert artificial turf installers in Chicago handle this for you. If you’re ready to make the switch to an easier lawn lifestyle, request your free consultation with Synthetic Turf of Illinois online or by phone at 773-717-6987.