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Get Your Game On With Our Synthetic Bocce Ball Courts

At Synthetic Turf of Illinois, we proudly stand as the foremost authority in bocce ball courts. We offer two flexible options to meet your needs: you can purchase our top-quality turf and base system directly for a self-installation project, or you can rely on our expert team for a hassle-free, turn-key installation. Rest assured, we employ our own skilled installers to ensure top-notch results.

For the perfect bocce court experience, our "carpet-style" short-piled turf is the ideal choice. You can opt for this special turf with or without an attached pad. Our synthetic turf bocce courts provide the authentic feel, playability, and roll of a real grass court. Additionally, they eliminate the maintenance hassles associated with clay or natural grass, maintaining a consistent color year-round. With proper drainage in place, water seamlessly drains off or through the turf, ensuring optimal performance.

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Traditionally, artificial turf bocce courts are constructed over a compacted stone base. While this is a solid foundation, we recommend going a step further by using our underlayment system in conjunction with the compacted stone base. This combination delivers a maintenance-free court that offers a true and smooth-rolling surface year-round!

If you prefer a different surface, bocce courts can also be installed over concrete or asphalt. At Synthetic Turf of Illinois, we excel in customizing bocce courts to your specific dimensions and available space. Whether it's for backyards, senior living centers, parks, rooftops, indoor settings, or virtually any location you can imagine, the possibilities are limitless! Be sure to inquire about our "combination courts," where you can enjoy both golf and bocce in one versatile space!