Outdoor Putting Greens

Artificial Turf is the Best Choice for Outdoor Putting Greens

Our outdoor backyard greens set the standard for others to follow. All of our greens, no matter the size, are designed for optimal playability, shot receptiveness and over-all realism. Our team of professionals has years of training on creating both exceptionally functional and stunningly beautiful greens and green-scapes.

Synthetic Turf of Illinois offers both short-piled nylon greens, ideal for optimal putting and least maintenance, as well as polypropylene sand-filled putting greens when chipping outside of 20 yards. Not all greens are created equal. Contact us today to find out which one is best suited for your needs and space.  All of our putting green turfs are made in the USA and are designed to perform just like the real thing.

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Our outdoor backyard greens are the benchmark in the industry, setting a high standard for others. Every green we create, regardless of size, is meticulously designed to ensure maximum playability, shot receptiveness, and authentic realism. Our team, with years of expertise, excels in crafting greens that are not only functionally superior but also visually striking.

At Synthetic Turf of Illinois, we offer a variety of greens to suit every golfer's needs. Our short-piled nylon greens are perfect for those who prioritize seamless putting and minimal maintenance. For those looking to practice longer chip shots, our polypropylene sand-filled putting greens are ideal, especially for shots over 20 yards. We understand that not all greens are the same, and we're here to help you choose the perfect one for your space and playing style. All our putting green turfs are proudly made in the USA, designed to emulate the feel and performance of natural greens.