Get a Rooftop Putting Green or Lawn from Sythetic Turf of Illinois

With over a decade of experience in rooftop turf projects, we've mastered the art of what works and what doesn't. Placing turf directly on your roofing membrane is never recommended. To ensure proper drainage and prevent issues like mold and mildew, the turf needs to be elevated slightly above the roof surface.

The key lies in what's beneath the turf. Many products flood the market, but not all are suited for rooftop applications. Our exclusive underlayment panel, each measuring approximately 2' x 2' and interlocking seamlessly, is purpose-built for this task. Crafted from robust PVC polymer, it guarantees exceptional drainage, ensuring a dry rooftop surface. Moreover, it offers 'plainability,' creating a smoother surface even on slightly uneven rooftops. This panel system provides an anchoring solution for the turf, ensuring a secure but non-bouncy surface. Typical projects, including materials and installation, typically range between $10 and $15 per square foot.


Rooftop Putting Greens

Say goodbye to unused, unsightly rooftops, and welcome a golf practice paradise or luxurious lounge with open arms! We proudly lead the industry in rooftop putting greens. Our modular base system allows for undulating contours, unparalleled drainage, and durability that spans years.

We utilize the same high-quality putting turf found in our prestigious greens, offering country club-quality roll and speed. With certain modifications, our greens even accommodate chip shots. When it comes to drainage and performance, our turf and base system outshine the competition.

Years of rigorous testing have led us to select top-notch turf and backing materials specially designed for rooftop environments. Our seasoned installers focus exclusively on these systems, ensuring flawless installations day in and day out.

Feel the difference.

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Rooftop Lawns

Transform your rooftop living space into a lush oasis that rivals your backyard, but with distinct advantages! Artificial grass offers bug-free, low-maintenance beauty, with superior drainage and remarkable softness. It's the ideal choice for lounge areas, play zones, pet spaces, or simply concealing an unsightly rooftop.

Our landscaping turf differs from football field or putting green turf. Designed to mimic the look and feel of natural grass, it features 'thatch' and multi-color blades, including shades of brown. Thick and luxuriant, it's anything but 'plasticky,' a far cry from the old 'astro-turf' people often associate with fake grass.