Get Peace of Mind with Synthetic Playground Turf

Are your playground surfaces compliant with CPSC's Fall Zone requirements? Synthetic Turf of Illinois is your trusted partner, from backyard play areas to schoolyards, parks, and rooftops. We specialize in playground turf, ensuring both safety and enjoyment. Our range includes various underlayments and pads designed to cushion falls while maximizing drainage.

Choose from our diverse selection of playground turfs, some without infill and others designed for optimal performance with infill. If you prefer a more organic option, we offer a variety of different infills. We're well-versed in fall height requirements, GMAX ratings, and CPSC guidelines. Reach out to us today for a complimentary consultation and ensure a safe and enjoyable playground experience!


Playground Padding

Synthetic Turf specializes in both residential and commercial playground turf and installation. Never before has playground turf and it’s system been safer, more environmentally safe, cleaner and better for children than it is now.

1 Inch Padding

2 Inch Padding

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Our playground turf is clean and very low maintenance

With Synthetic Turf, you can kiss watering, mowing, fertilizers, and pesticides goodbye! Our playground turf is not influenced by the elements, ensuring a pristine look all year round. No more mud hassles to deal with!

Our playground turf boasts remarkable realism and aesthetic appeal that never wanes. More than just beauty, it offers a safe surface, professionally installed to exceed CPSC criteria for Fall Zones and meet ADA accessibility standards. Featuring a system comprising drainable, recycled foam padding and modular interlocking sub-base panels, it surpasses national safety standards and holds ASTM certification. Plus, it's fully ADA/ABA compliant. Our playgrounds are equipped with fall zones where needed, ensuring exceptional HIC ratings.

We take pride in using biodegradable and/or recyclable, lead-free materials, all sourced from American manufacturers.