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Illinois Basketball Courts

Synthetic Turf takes pride in being an authorized dealer for Versa Court. We bring you some of the finest game court tiles available on the market, suitable for every application and location you can envision. Whether it's a residential or commercial setting, indoor or outdoor, there's a perfect spot for a court waiting to be discovered!

Our offerings span a variety of sports, including basketball, tennis, bocce, volleyball, and even combination courts. Elevate your sports and recreation experience with our versatile game court solutions.


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Combination Courts

Imagine having a world-class putting green that seamlessly transforms into a playground for volleyball, basketball, and bocce ball! At Synthetic Turf of Illinois, we make this dream a reality by implementing a unique sub-base system that sets us apart. Unlike conventional concrete-based courts and greens, our system allows for proper drainage, ensuring the truest ball roll and bounce while withstanding the rigors of basketball and volleyball.

What's more, our court tiles come in a wide range of colors, offering limitless court-color combinations and the option for custom logos. We provide a comprehensive package, including the sub-base, court tiles, installation, hoops, accessories, lighting, padding, netting, and more!

Experience the incredible versatility and excellence that our multi-sport court solutions bring to your space.