Pet & Dog Runs

Give Your Pet the Best Playing Area on the Market

Say farewell to muddy paws and yard havoc! Synthetic Turf of Illinois offers specialized turf products designed exclusively for dogs. Our pet turf is 100% permeable, ensuring superior drainage, unlike other turfs with drain holes only every 4 inches. Dogs may have great aim, but our turf keeps things pristine. Whether it's the side of your house, a kennel, doggy daycare, boarding facility, or your entire yard, our pet turf is the solution. It's virtually indestructible, easy to disinfect, and deodorize. We provide various pet turf options, including optional anti-microbial infill to filter urine.

While all our products are safe for pets, our dedicated pet turf features shorter pile heights for easier cleanup. It includes our patented, recyclable geo-textile fabric, ensuring maximum drainage. UV-protected and backed by a 10-year warranty, our turf is unbeatable in durability. Your dogs won't stand a chance at tearing it up! Cleaning is a breeze with Simple Green for disinfection and a leaf rake for debris removal.

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The Secret Beneath the Turf

The real difference lies beneath the surface! Our DuraFlo backing isn't just the best-draining turf; it's also the most durable. Unlike black or green urethane backings that expand and contract, ours is designed to stay put and endure. It's moisture and odor-resistant, making it our "secret weapon" that truly sets us apart from the rest.


Pet Run Installation

Bid farewell to the muddy paw dilemma brought on by inclement weather. The ultimate solution? Artificial pet turf. It effortlessly channels everything downward, either into our compacted stone base or our optional drainable sub-panel system, perfect for rooftops, decks, patios, and concrete.

Our Modular Sub-Base Panel System offers unmatched drainage and secures the turf firmly in place. This sturdy yet slightly flexible base panel, combined with our Supreme Pet Turf, is the ideal remedy for dog runs, condos, doggy daycare facilities, kennels, backyards, rooftop spaces, and more. The possibilities are limitless!

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