Illinois Crossfit Turf

CrossFit training is taking the nation by storm, and our turf is tailor-made for it. Whether it's sled work, sprints, agility drills, or stretching exercises, our turf has you covered. Don't miss out on the numerous benefits of having turf in your gym.

Our padded turfs from Synthetic Turf of Illinois strike the perfect balance between cushioning and traction, ensuring an optimal experience for athletes while delivering exceptional durability. You have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of turf options that align with your specific needs, including vibrant colored turf for added customization.


Sled Work

When it comes to weighted sled activities on turf, it's crucial to select the right materials. Ensure your sled-turf is crafted from either nylon or polyethylene, steering clear of the less durable polypropylene options. Equally important are the adhesive and installation methods. At Synthetic Turf of Illinois, we're your trusted CrossFit turf experts! Count on us to provide the expertise you need. We offer both complete turn-key installation services and the option to supply you with materials and detailed installation instructions for a DIY approach.


Multisport Premium

Super Sport Premium

Feel the difference.

experience the premium quality of our artificial turf


Optimal Sports Turf: Maintenance-Free Excellence

  • Non-infilled carpet-like turf is optimal for sports turf because it is designed with a shorter pile, which eliminates using any type of sand or rubber infill.
  • Maintenance Free! No grooming of the area is necessary like with in-filled or field turf type turf.
  • These turfs are made with safety in mind, features that keep athletes happy and healthy.
  • The padding adds shock absorbency and takes the place of all that rubber in-fill. These turfs are available without foam pads as well.
  • Perfect for sprints, cross-training and speed and agility training.
  • A great alternative to rubber flooring – looks better, feels better, better on the athletes and more versatile than rubber flooring. Installation available or DIY