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Indoor Baseball is a big business in the Midwest these days. More and more baseball practice facilities are opening and catering to the needs of the many baseball players that want to continue to work on their game during the off season.

Our baseball turf is perfect for batting cages, infield practice, sprints, agility drills even home plate halos. We offer both the “carpet” style turf that comes with a pad attached to it as well as the field turf type turf that requires the crumbed rubber infill.

Most indoor baseball facilities choose the short piled turf with a foam pad. This type of baseball turf allows for fielding ground balls and does not require any maintenance. We also offer batting mats. Baseball batting mats and softball batting mats are available in both green and clay color with the batters box outlined in white turf as well as the home plate.

Why buy from someone over the internet when you can buy from someone local? Installation is also available. Call or email us today for more information, samples or an estimate.

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