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fitness turf

Cross-Training is nothing new to the fitness community. What is relatively new is the “boot camp” workout. These types of workouts are popping up all over and in all types of fitness centers.

Health Clubs, Gyms and Fitness Centers are turning to artificial turf for their flooring covering for this. The short piled “carpet like” turf that comes with a padding attached is the ideal surface. “Field Turf” or “Pro Turf” that is long bladed and filled with rubber is NOT the surface for this. This system requires much maintenance and will not hold up as well when pushing or pulling a weighted sled.

“Carpet Style Turf” is maintenance free and can be striped to look like a football field, soccer field, etc. The lifespan of our nylon fitness turfs is approximately 5-10 years – depending upon what is done on the turf and how much use it gets.

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