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Over the past decade, there have been vast improvements in artificial turfs, this is something most people are aware of. What is becoming more and more popular at driving ranges across the country is something called “tee line turf”. Tee line turf is a turf that is about 1″-1.25″ tall and is extremely thick and dense. So dense, in fact, that you can stick a golf tee in it and it will stand up on its own, with the weight of the ball on it as well. There is no sand fill or rubber fill that is required in this type of driving range turf.

The product is often installed in “strips” or a “line” – hence the name “tee line”. This method is basically one long-range mat. It provides a little more space for golfers and dresses things up a bit. This turf is also available in mats that are 5′x5′ and 6′x6′.

For more detailed information and specifications please visit www.teelineturf.com This site discusses everything from product specs to sub-base options. Loads of photos and information. If you are in the golf business, it is worth taking a look at.

Doug Steeves, President

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